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in Quarnford Parish

The Parish Church in the village of Flash. Old building in the village of Flash. A street in the village of Flash.


John Slack, died 1776

Thomas Slack, died 1852

Other names are included on the gravestones.

Baptised in this parish:

David MILLWARD,  1821

John MILLWARD,   1826

John Thomas S NADEN,   1867

Jonas NADEN,   1836

Jonas H NADEN,   1873

Frederick SALT,   1881

David SLACK,   1814

Elizabeth SLACK,   1796

Esther SLACK,   1797

John SLACK,   1807

Mariah SLACK,   1803

Sarah SLACK,   Abt 1833

Thomas SLACK,   1800

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Flash is considered to be the highest village in Britain.

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